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Better estimates of plant abundance

Estimating abundances of plants in the field is not straightforward and is prone to variation between observers. Ideally we would minimize this variation between observers (and increase repeatability of an observers estimates too). Further, estimates can be biased. Lastly, estimates … Continue reading

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Doodling in Math Class: Squiggle Inception

I’ve watched this a few times. My ten-year-old daughter agrees, it’s way cool.

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multivariate musing

Many data that biologists, ecologists and environmental scientists collect and concern themselves with are multivariate–whether multiple species, multiple attributes of a species or an individual, multiple measures of vegetation structure, multiple chemical data… multivariate data abound. I have a bit … Continue reading

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(dis)organized thoughts

As a teacher and researcher, much of my work is concerned with organized or critical thinking–what is the issue of concern, where does this sit within some broader domain, what is the logical structure of an argument, what are critical … Continue reading

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